A New Adventure

Mother Daughter MomentWhat a week for Peyton! For the first time ever, I feel like a normal parent with a healthy baby. We took Miss P out for a new adventure. As I mentioned last week, her Nicu doctor gave us the OK to start taking her out in public, as long as people around us are not sick. The first thing we wanted to do was return to our favorite weekend ritual. Since moving to Springfield, Ryan and I go to breakfast at Charlie Parker’s, our favorite restaurant! We tried it out when we first moved to town and have gotten to know Mike and Cindy, the owners, over our weekly chats at the diner bar.  Even when I was on hospital bed rest, Ryan would bring me my veggie omelet and fill me in on the diner gossip. After my children were born, our ritual was put on hold. We received the sweetest card from Charlie Parker’s and know that we were constantly in their prayers. We’ve made it there every so often, but couldn’t get back into our routine because Peyton needed to stay isolated from germs. So imagine the surprise and excitement when we strolled in last weekend with Peyton!

Peyton's First Outin

Peyton’s First Breakfast Experience

It was a teary eyed moment when we strapped Peyton into her car seat. For the first time in more than 10 months, we were taking her out…not to a doctor or the hospital, but to a restaurant. We are slowly returning to some sense of normalcy and this was the first symbolic step. Thank goodness Ryan and I are morning people–Since we’re still trying to avoid big crowds with Peyton, we have to beat the breakfast crowd! Everyone adored the princess and I had the biggest smile on my face! As for Peyton, she was confused. The bright lights and busy decor probably overstimulated her. But I can picture her down the road breaking out a huge grin the moment we walk into Charlie Parker’s.


Peyton at 10 months

Peyton Confused At Breakfast

And one last note on our big adventure–I’m once again touched by the generosity of others. Our tab was picked up by a family at the restaurant. I remember hearing from Michelle and her husband over the summer. She told me that she can’t for the day when  my family walks in with Peyton. It took many months, but we’re back! So thank you Michelle and thanks to the others who have so generously treated us to meals and beautiful gifts. I feel like my life is so full of love and hope.

Peyton loving lifeWe’re reaching milestones left and right in the Skrysak household. Last week we started introducing Peyton to veggies….she is not a fan of anything green! We started with green beans and then peas, but nope, she was not a fan! She actually cried and spit it out every day…and of course I captured it on camera! She seems to be warming up to squash, thank goodness. We’re starting with the least sweet and working our way to fruits.


The other big milestone–Peyton is rolling over!!!! Holy cow, we are in trouble! She only can flip to one side, but it’s a start. Just this morning, I had to go into the nursery 5 times to flip her back over. Where did our little micro-preemie go? P’s therapists are thrilled with her progress.

Waking up at 2am!And one final thought, since I’ve heard from many viewers  in Illinois. I’ve been playing musical anchor chairs since returning to WAND, which has caused plenty of confusion for viewers. For a few weeks, I’m filling in on the morning news, waking up at 2am (yawwwwwnnn). Yes, I’m VERY tired, but I’m having a blast! I spent several years doing morning news, so my body seems to be reverting back to my old ways. We are in a transition period at WAND, with a whole new staff on the morning show. Elise and Kevin are hilarious and they are quickly reminding me why I love morning television! It’s only temporary though. I’ll be back to the afternoons in a couple of weeks. We have a new addition joining the morning show– Eric Steltzer. He will be making the move from Indiana, most recently covering the news in Notre Dame territory. I got to spend some time with him and you will love him! He’s very bright and has a fun personality (and he’s adorable!). I think the new morning team will be fun to watch. By the way–check out the pictures below. Elise and I keep showing up to work in the same colors…definitely not planned, but it’s been entertaining. It’s one thing if you’re both in black, but we must be on the same wave length to show up in bright yellow! (And our meteorologist, Kevin, sure loves to “Photobomb” the pictures!)

I am staying quite busy back in the news and I’m working on some great projects that will air in the coming days. Next week, I’ll take you behind the scenes of NBC’s hit show “Chicago Fire”. I was definitely star struck on the set and can’t wait to show you around! I’ll share some pictures in next week’s blog and will post the videos for those of you not in Illinois. I also got the opportunity to return to the Nicu where my family spent so many months. I’ll be sharing what it’s like for babies who spend their first days and months in the Nicu. It’s an emotional project, but I’m honored to use my experience as a window into the Nicu world, a place full of miracles.

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  1. Kathie Welch says

    Hi Peyton! Keep rolling over and keep mom on her toes! Love all the progress you are making!

  2. Jan Settles says

    Your precious Peyton is adorable and I love seeing the pictures and reading the updates. So happy she’s growing and doing so well. She is darling!

  3. jane says

    Love the blogs and Peyton is such a doll.love the veg pics.
    Can`t wait to here about chg fire,my fav,

  4. Pat says

    thanks for sharing and looking forward to your up coming projects showing. Miss P is so cute and so alert she is going keep you all busy when she starts really moving around. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. says

    Hello Miss Peyton love the pictures of you trying to eat your vegetables. Also love the updates on your progress, now you can roll one way, soon both that will keep mom and dad on their toes.
    Love all the new pictures. Stacey you do an excellent job on the news, enjoy watching you and Dawn so much.

  6. Christine Saunders says

    Hello lil Miss Peyton. I have followed you from the day mommy announced she was pregnant. It’s been an amazing journey with you and I’m so proud to see the milestones you are breaking. Keep moving on lil Princess. You have much LOVE around you ❤️

  7. Norma Johnson says

    Just love seeing her come so far. You have to bring her to Texas so I can see that cute little doll.

  8. Judi says

    Glad your life is returning to a sense of normalcy! I loved hearing about the green food! I have an 8 month old niece and she had the same reaction. She will not eat anything green! Peyton is so cute!

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