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Peyton at 9 1/2 monthsPeople ask me about my job all the time. Do I get nervous to be on television? How am I able to think on my feet? To be honest, it has become second nature.  I’ve been a newscaster for so many years, that I don’t ever worry about the thousands of people on the other side of the camera. So when I began to open up about my pregnancy, I didn’t think too much of it. And as the months rolled by, I continued to share my story, all of it. Not just the fun and happy moments, but the gut-wrenching heartache and the endless tears. That’s who I am…an open book.

Posing with the magazineBeing so honest has some perks. Over the past year, I have met people who would never have crossed my path if I didn’t go through my experience. I’ve also been given new opportunities, thanks to my children. Just last week, my sorority magazine arrived at my doorstep. I was a Delta Gamma at the University of Oregon. When I opened it, the tears began to fall. On page 16 was the title, “Perfectly Peyton”. I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to write an article for the thousands of sisters around the world.

Delta Gamma MagazineAs I mention in the magazine, I loved my sorority and college experience. But time doesn’t stand still and people move on with life. I kept in touch with many through Facebook, but it wasn’t until I was lying in an ICU bed after delivering the triplets, when I realized the meaning of sisterhood. About 80 DG’s from my Alma mater were planning ways to help my family. And it didn’t stop there. Along with so many others, my sorority sisters are among Peyton’s cheering squad. I hear from them everyday through Facebook, the mail and plenty of texts. And I thank them all from the bottom of my heart for helping lift my spirits during some of my toughest days. If you would like to read the article, just click the link. The magazine editors did a wonderful job of incorporating all three of my kids into the layout. Delta Gamma Magazine Article

That is just one of many new opportunities I’ve been given thanks to Abby, Peyton and Parker. On Monday, I’ll be speaking at an anniversary event at SIU’s IVF and Fertility Center. I will be sharing my struggles with infertility and our journey to finally having a family. I’m sure it will be an emotional night….more on my blog next week! (If you are interested in going to the event, feel free to email me)

Peyton at 9 1/2 months old**On a side note, Don’t you think Peyton’s story should be on the Today Show?!?! I get emails and messages from friends and family every week. They see inspirational stories on the Today show and can’t believe NBC hasn’t come calling. I may be partial, but I have to agree. Not only is Peyton a miracle, but the princess and her siblings have inspired thousands around the world and I know they will for years to come. Can anyone make it happen?!?! You would think that my ties to NBC would help, but nope.

Peyton at 9 1/2 months

Peyton giving a kiss to her new gift from friends! SO precious!

Miss P is doing better than I ever expected. Every day, she amazes me with something new. She is talking all the time (just like mom!) and the smiles are endless. She is having a blast this week spending her days with Ryan’s parents. Grandma and Grandpa sure know how to spoil her! It’s such a joy seeing our parents interact with Peyton. They spent so many visits just looking at our children through their isolettes in the Nicu, it’s great that they can finally be hands on. They will be staying for Peyton’s first Easter, then my parents will be traveling to Springfield next month.

Next week is a huge week for Peyton. She has her 6 month Nicu check up, meaning it’s been 6 months since we left the Nicu. I’ll make sure to give you all a progress report, but I have a feeling she is doing just fine developmentally. I’ll leave you with some new pictures. Peyton is getting much more difficult to capture on camera! Her attention span is shortening as she finds new things to explore. This past week, she found her feet and won’t let go!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

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  1. Barb says

    She is getting more adorable every time I see pictures. Didn’t think that could happen. Love her smile, just like her momma. Happy Easter and enjoy the time with the grandparents. You do know that right now you have to take the back seat. That’s just life when the grandparents are around….

  2. Janet says

    How about Good Morning America….they have this type of story on every week. Loving reading your posts. She is sure becoming her own personality and so cute. God Bless You. Happy Easter

  3. Jen Landgraf says

    Only a mom (who has spent time in infant PT…) would look at the ‘starting to tilt’ picture and think ‘YAY! She put her hand down to catch herself!!’ WHAT A ROCKSTAR PEYTON!!! Stacey, Ryan and Peyton, you have huge loud cheerleaders in CA and you know YOUR today show would have the most viewers EVER! Ha! I LOVE that she’s a talking, foot finding machine. the pic of her kissing her doll is precious! Keep up the amazing work Stacey and good luck at your event next week! You are such an inspiration!

  4. Judy Stout says

    Happy Easter to Peyton and her family. I love seeing the pictures and seeing how well she is progressing. Keep them coming.

  5. Karen says

    Just love reading your updates. When you talk about all the people you have met and things that have been done is for a reason. They say God does things we do not understand. Well guess your triplets was a reason to make things happen that would have never happened if not for them. Peyton is growing and her smile is just precious. Thanks for the blogs and keep up the faith.

  6. Cindy Grace says

    Blessed Easter to you all! Peyton is truly one of God’ children……He has been with you all every step of your journey! I love the pictures of Peyton and enjoy Perfectly Peyton blog! Thank you again for sharing your journey with all of us!

  7. says

    Hope the Easter bunny finds Peyton! I love seeing the changes in her. Love her little jeans! She has so many different expressions on her face. In the pic with the black top she looks ornery!

  8. Marilyn says

    Happy Eater to all of you! Petyon is loved by so many and a miracle! Just as the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection we celebrate at Easter. Love to see her new expressions and wonderment about life!

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