Major Milestone!

Princess PeytonWow! It’s hard to believe it has already been 10 months since the day I delivered the triplets. Most days it seems like just yesterday. How can the best day of my life, also be one of the worst days? For a long time, I would replay that day in my head every Sunday (the day of the week I delivered). As time went on, it turned into a monthly memory on the 23rd. But as I write this today, tears of joy are rolling down my face. I’m so proud of Peyton and how far she has come. And I’m so proud of Abby and Parker for the lives they have touched.

Perfectly PeytonA friend passed this along to me recently and I think it’s a perfect quote: “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”. The words describe my family perfectly. My children may have been barely a pound at birth, but their impact on this world far outweigh their size. On Monday, I had the honor of speaking to a group of people as part of “National Infertility Awareness Week”. It was a get together to celebrate the SIU Fertility Center, the place where Ryan and I turned to in hopes of getting pregnant. They asked me to share my story of infertility and the journey to finally achieve our dream of having a family. I’ve told my story so many times, but never in front of an audience. The grief and heartache can be so overwhelming, I tend to hide behind my computer to share my true feelings. So this was a BIG step for me.

There were only 30-40 people there, but it was a little scary. If you have ever seen me speak at an event, you know I never write notes. I tend to speak from my heart; I like to think it’s one of my best traits. The tears were forming as they introduced me, and I later found out that Ryan had started crying before I even began. I replay my life constantly in my head, so the words came quite easily to me. I was surrounded by a room full of people who have struggled to have children, just like Mr. Skry and I. As I started talking, I realized that most of these people have been in my shoes to some extent. They all longed for that special child to call their own. As I told the group, my experience has given me a new purpose in life. I look at my triplets and know their purpose in life is to touched thousands of people around the world.  As for me, I have realized I can help others through my story. My infertility journey proves that what seems impossible, really can happen. My experience with death and grief proves that you can get through the darkest days and you can become a stronger person because of it. I don’t know why I was chosen to experience all that I have, but I am glad I can use my voice to make a difference.

The Skrysak Family

Happy Easter!

OK..enough of my sob story, time for some HUGE news! We already know Peyton is quite the miracle, but she keeps knocking down every single barrier. I took the day off of work for some medical appointments for Miss P.  It was her big check up for the Nicu, marking 6 months since she left the hospital. Therapists and doctors checked her out to see how she was developing, both physically and mentally. Boy did she surprise everyone! It never gets old to hear a stranger say, “Wow, a 22 weeker? You don’t expect to see a baby like her doing so well!” We haven’t quite graduated from the Nicu since we still go for monthly check ups, but she is well on her way. (Check out some Easter pictures below. We didn’t do too much since she’s not going to remember it. Her grandparents, on the other hand, went overboard!)

The princess is up to 12 lbs 13 oz! She was all smiles for the Nicu nurses and doctors…I think she recognizes their voices. When one of her primary nurses walked in, Peyton lit up with a huge grin! It’s always fun to visit the people who have become such a big part of our lives.

Peyton is loving her food! We just introduced her to cereal, but we’ve been given the OK to start with other foods too. When did she become such a big girl?!?! Check out these pictures taken by our amazing nanny/caretaker (or as we like to call her, part of our family!).

Peyton at 10 months I thought I would save the best news for last. We are coming out of hibernation!!! The never-ending months of staying inside our home will slowly come to an end, at least temporarily. Our Nicu doctor said we are OK to start taking her places, as long as we steer clear of people coughing or visibly sick. The flu and RSV season are winding down, so you’ll find our little family out and about in Springfield! It will feel so weird to be a “normal” family. We’ll go back into hibernation in the fall, since Peyton’s immune system will take a few years to be up to par. So, if you see me wandering about, make sure to say hello…just don’t get too close to Miss P :)

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our walk on Easter Sunday. Peyton is still very confused by the outdoors. She has spent most of her life cooped up indoors, so the sights and sounds of the park are peculiar. As you can see–she’s very serious!

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  1. Jim Kontio says

    THANKS yOU Stacy for agreeing to share your journey with all of us on Monday. You have touched and encouraged all of those people in that room and more and more good will come of it. Those of us who have had the privilege of being part of the journey admire you and gain strength in our resolve to help others every day. Thanks again!

  2. LeeAnne says

    What great news! Miss Peyton is just adorable and making such great strides in her development. It is such a joy to see her precious pictures!

  3. Judy Stout says

    Peyton, you are doing great, keep up the good work. I love all the Easter Pictures and I can’t wait to read the blog every week and see all the pictures of such a sweet little girl.

  4. Lisa Largent says

    Praise the Lord for your great news. I love reading your posts and seeing new pictures of Peyton! Your precious triplets are touching the iives of many in so many ways. Thank you for being the open book you are and for sharing so others can benefit.

  5. Erin says

    she is such a doll! she truly is a miracle. you guys are amazing. you and Peyton are such strong, empowering women. thank you for sharing your story. i love seeing all the updates. thank God winter is over! we are rejoicing here too. get out and enjoy yourselves :) love, your fellow triplet mommy, Erin

  6. Amber H. says

    Awww, such good news. You are an amazing steward for people who are having infertility issues and for parents of preemies. You should be really proud of yourself. And on a separate note, that little girl just gets cuter and cuter. When I see a new blog update in my email, I open it right up to read because Peyton’s little face and facial expressions just crack me up. She is too cute!! 😀 Enjoy the sunshine – and hopefully no weirdo comes up to her and puts his finger in her mouth like happened to my baby daughter one time at Shop N Save. True story!! 😛

  7. Louise says

    Way to go Miss P – – WooHoo!! keep up the good work Princess. Glad you are enjoying food now – that’s a big step in your growing. We are all ready for some pretty, warm, sunny days after our bitter winter, so enjoy the outdoors whenever you can. Make sure Mommy & Daddy take you for walks a lot!! You just keep getting cuter by the day and your facial expressions are to pure joy!!

  8. says

    Thank you so much for these updates Stacey! Peyton is beautiful and so are her guardian angels!!! Their imprints on this world are extraordinary!!

  9. says

    Love the new blog and all the pictures. So glad to hear Peyton is able to be out and about with the family. She is so sweet, and growing so fast now. Thanks for keeping us posted about the family.

  10. Mary says

    It’s great to hear the news. I love reading your blog and seeing how astounding Peyton is doing. I am still praying for you and your family every day. Peyton, we all love you. Keep up the good work!

  11. Robin Williams says

    Such wonderful news. Peyton is doing so good. And Stacey I really do think she is looking more and more like you. Especially the smile! :)

  12. Pat says

    Thanks for the cute pictures of Miss P she is so cute and what a joy you are to others when you share your story. Thanks for letting us walk with you all the time and share your family with us all. So glad to say I have a new friend and look forward to all the posts. God is good and your story tells us that.

  13. Laura says

    Awwww how cute. I am so glad to hear good news. I just love to see pictures and news every time. Hope you all had a good Easter.

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