Chubby Cheeks and Changing Looks

Peyton in Animal PrintsPeople always told me that babies change so much and I guess I didn’t really think much of it. Boy, are they right! I see Peyton everyday, so it’s hard to notice the subtle differences, but I hear from so many of you about her changing looks. When I look at pictures, I can definitely see the weekly changes. Her cheeks are getting chubby, her eyes keep getting wider, and her features more defined. She is absolutely perfect!

"Mom! Stop with the pictures!!"

“Mom! Stop with the pictures!!”

While I think she is starting look more like me, all of my triplets were spitting images of Ryan at birth. And that brings me to a theory dating back to evolution. I’ve heard it several times from friends–babies look like their dads at birth, so they know if the child is theirs. I did a quick google search (the best way to do research, right!?!) and found out that it seems to be true. According to researchers, back in the day (hundreds of years ago), a father couldn’t always be sure a baby was his. If he spotted a resemblance, then he would be more likely to care for it…sort of like a paternity test based on looks.

It’s only a theory, but I’d say it’s true after seeing my trio. I pulled out baby pictures and you can see Peyton in each of us. She even has the same hairstyle as Ryan! I guess that’s why Mr. Skry is so good at styling the mohawk on Miss P.

Ok, enough of the babble, time for some more pictures! As many of you have noticed, Peyton is growing like a weed. She is finally fitting in 3-6 month clothes at 9 1/2 months. I love to her chunky little legs! She’s starting to recognize people and often gets confused when she meets someone she doesn’t know.

As for those signature pictures in her chair, those are getting much tougher to take!!! Peyton has recently discovered her hands and feet, so she spends most of the time staring at them instead of posing for the camera.  She still hasn’t mastered sitting on her own, but as you can see, she is beginning to figure out how to hold herself up.

Peyton at 9 months Last weekend, we took part in the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield (Home of President Lincoln!). I didn’t run the entire race, instead we ran it as a relay for charity. There were several teams for Children’s Miracle Network, raising money for the local hospital where my trio was born and where we spent several months.  I’m proud to say that our team raised the most money–more than $2,700! We received so many generous donations from family, friends, even strangers. So thank you! That money will go directly to the kids. And a huge thank you to our friends for joining “Team Princess Peyton”.  Natalie, Kelsey and Blake took time out of their busy schedules to run in honor of our triplets and reached out to their friends to raise thousands of dollars along with us. I posted some pictures below. I had shirts made for our team. The front has a crown saying, “Team Princess Peyton”. The back of the shirt has wings with the saying, “Running for Peyton and her two angels”. It was so special hearing people along the route cheering on my triplets. I ran a 3-4 mile leg, and for obvious reason, got quite emotional. I love to run. I’m not fast, but I run because I can. I run because Abby and Parker never got the chance to. And I run with optimism, knowing that Peyton will one day be running alongside me. As Ryan and I ran the last quarter mile, I got a burst of energy. My speed picked up and I was able to sprint to the finish line. I know that Parker and Abby gave me that extra push, letting me know they were watching and cheering me on.



  1. Sheri says

    Your right Peyton has a little of both of you in her with a personality of a princess! SoSo cute,,,,Thanks for sharing her along with Parker and Abby with us.

  2. Amber H. says

    You know what I love about Peyton? She has a twinkle in her eye. I think she’s going to really develop a triple-sized personality. She’s just the cutest and I love seeing her pictures. And p.s., chubby baby thighs are as much kryptonite as babies in footie jammies! 😉

  3. Norma Johnson says

    Hi, you little doll. Every time I see you are getting prettier day by day. She looks like both of you I think. Love hear about this doll and how she is doing.

  4. Carol says

    I love your blog and I am so glad you are back on the news. It is wonderful to see your smiling face everyday.

  5. Kari Quintenz says

    She is getting big very fast and as always thank you for sharing her with us. She has your eyes and I love her smile and how she loves to sit in her chair.

    • Judi says

      I was just thinking this morning that I have not had a Peyton fix for the week. She is adorable, and looks healthy. She might have looked like Ryan when she was younger, but now she looks like her Mommy. Thanks for the updates. You will have to tell Peyton when she grows up that she has a large fan base.

  6. Judy Stout says

    I love seeing the pics each week. Peyton has grown so much. She is a little doll and has some of the cutest outfits. I especially love seeing her headbands.

  7. Maggie Ornberg says

    Hi Peyton!! I love seeing your pics and hearing how well you are doing. I absolutely love your zebra print outfit. A girl after my own ❤️ You are a perfect triplet. You have an amazing mommy and daddy. ❤️

  8. Shannon Hadley Spurgeon says

    Hi Peyton! You are just so precious! Thank you mommy and daddy for sharing. I love watching her grow! You have a beautiful family!

  9. Jen Landrus says

    Thanks for the pics!!! Peyton is so adorable and I love the animated facial expressions!!!
    Stacey, I’m so glad you’re back to work. You and Dawn are my favorites!!!

  10. Pat says

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the news on the race sounds like find was held by all. What a cleaver idea for the shirts and Iam sure they were running all the way with you both. Yes I think Peyton looks like you now sorry daddy. She changes every week when you post a new picture of her and so happy for her progress

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