An Early Christmas Present

Getting an ultrasound on the heartWe are lucky. We’ve been home from the Nicu for nearly two months and I’m happy to report that things keep looking up! Peyton is now about 8 1/2 pounds and becoming more alert everyday. This week we got an early Christmas present in the form of her health. Peyton was born with a heart problem that affects some preemies (It’s called PDA). The issue usually resolves itself, but because Peyton was so premature, it remained an issue. She was too small for surgery in the early days, so doctors kept an eye on it. We knew that she may need surgery at some point, when she’s a toddler. Well, I’m happy to report that she should be in the clear!!! Her condition seems to be slowly healing itself. So, her cardiologist will keep an eye on it.

Getting a look at her heartWhat a relief! Peyton amazes us each and every day. When I look at our little peanut and think about everything she has been through, I’m shocked (and relieved) that she doesn’t have more complications. Peyton is one tough cookie! And I should mention what a wonderful job she did at the Prarie Heart Insitute. Imagine trying to keep your child laying still for an hour to get an echocardiogram. She slept through the entire thing. The ultrasound tech said she was the calmest patient. Phew!

Dressed Up For Tree Decorating

Santa’s Helper!

We are getting ready for the holidays around the Skrysak household. This past week, we put up the Christmas tree. We go with the fresh tree…I just love the smell! Peyton dressed the part as “Santa’s Helper”, complete with a tutu.

Decorating The TreeBut, as you can tell by the picture with Ryan and me, she wasn’t too keen on the massive tree in our entryway. Peyton continues to be spoiled by so many people! Two viewers sent us special ornaments for the triplets. Connie sent three, including a beautiful angel. And ¬†another viewer ¬†made three adorable sets of booties…one for each child. It was so thoughtful and I look forward to the years to come when Peyton will get to put them on the tree herself. We also had a good time going through our collection from over the years. We’ve been together more than 10 years, so we have lots of memories when it comes to our ornaments. Check out the pictures below for some of my favorites.

My coanchor came to visitDuring our Christmas filled weekend, we got a wonderful surprise–my co-anchor Dawn Sterling came by to meet Peyton! And yes, Peyton is trying to eat her hand during the photo-op. We were pregnant at the same time and her son is just a month younger than my children. I’m so glad she was able to hold and cuddle Peyton. Dawn is a dear friend and it’s been tough living in different towns (otherwise I’d be at her house daily, catching up on the newsroom gossip!).

And one more note of thanks. I mention this all the time–so many people have reached out to help us, many that have never even met us. I’ve learned to accept the generosity and to be grateful for the help people have offered. That includes the multiples community in Springfield, where I live. I’ve talked about the other triplet moms who have been such a good support system since my early days of being pregnant. And now the Springfield Parents of Twins Club has reached out in a big way. Several of the ladies have taken time out of their busy lives to make meals for my family. For the last week, they’ve come by with delicious dinners and desserts so that we don’t have to bother cooking. It has been a life saver and I’m so appreciative! Once Peyton gets a little older, I plan on taking part in the “meals train” to help out other new moms.

It’s a quiet week and I am finally getting some down time to go through emails and Facebook messages. I love reading every comment that comes my way and I like to write back. So, I apologize if you haven’t heard from me yet, I’m trying to catch up. Keep them coming–I love to hear from all of you!




  1. Marilyn Donahoo says


    • brenda brown says

      love the pictures of peyton she is such a darling and growing so fast she looks so adorable in her outfits I need your prayers for my sister inlaws grandson little gidon he has a blog on facebook gidon army he was born two days ago hes in icu when he is two weeks old they will have to oprate on his heart his has some kind of defect its so wonderful and a blessing that payton and you both got great news blessing from the lord you deserve great news for once love the updates and pictures

  2. Ann Szypulski says

    I am so very happy for all of you! Peyton is an extra special blessing! Many prayers to you and your family. Many ((hugs))

  3. Robin Williams says

    Way to go Peyton. Glad things are looking up. Stacey I think you have a mini me there. She is strong like you. Keep up the wonderful work with Peyton. Your a good mother.

  4. Laura Pearse says

    Hi Princess Peyton! What great news to hear. Way to go Peyton so happy to see that you are healing up and now 8 1/2 pounds. Keep up the good work mommy and daddy!! Great pictures by the way. Very cute little family! :-). Have a great day Skrysak family.

  5. Judi Whalen says

    I am just thrilled Peyton is doing so well. It is the best Christmas present for everyone. She sure is a little doll, and I love seeing her in her outfits. Merry Christmas, and God bless your family.

  6. Sandy Pettyjohn says

    So glad she is doing oh so well, you have such a blessing that is for sure. Your Christmas this year will be more special then you ever imagined you could have. Keep up with the blogs with all of Peytons progress enjoy reading them. Have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy every minute.

  7. Linda Henkel says

    Way to go, Peyton! So happy to hear she is doing so well, Stacey. Prayers do work. We will continue to pray that you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with much joy and happiness.

  8. Kandi says

    Your updates are amazing…Peyton is growing and she lights up each and every picture…she is so blessed to have a guardian Angel on each shoulder…keep these awesome updates coming..stay strong.. .hugs.. :)

  9. Kathy says

    You are such an inspiration to people. Your positive outlook on every situation is incredible. So happy that Peyton is doing so well. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a healthy New Year!

  10. Jocelyn says

    AWESOME news!!! Peyton is such a strong little girl!! I believe she is going to do amazing things in her life!! Sending hugs from Wyoming!

  11. Jo Ann Plopper says

    congratulations Stacey for the great report Peyton got on her heart….You went through a very scary time, now with the new year coming, everything looks up and forward for her…Nice job Peyton !!!! co-workers make good sisters and brothers, I know your feelings on this…I will pray for little Peyton and her whole family that 2014 is a wonderful, healthy and awesome year for you guys..God will take care of her and make her stronger everyday…the best ever to all of you’s….thinking of you guys always, Jo Ann Plopper in Taylorville……

  12. says

    Thank you so much for your updates! I love hearing how Peyton’s story unfolds. Your story has also personally helped me today because my best friend gave birth to a baby boy last night at 26 weeks, 3 days gestation. He is only 1 pound and 14 ounces and has a struggle ahead of him, but hearing how Peyton is flourishing is helping me keep strong for my friend. So thank you!

      • says

        I will, of course! She’s going to be spending a lot of time in the NICU the next few months, but I’ll be sure to pass along your story so she can read about someone who’s been through what she’s going through. Again, thank you for sharing Peyton’s (and Parker and Abby’s) story! :)

  13. Rhonda says

    What great news. I am so glad God is blessing her each and everyday. I will continue to pray for her and your family. Have a blessed and awesome Christmas.

  14. Mary Cardascio says

    I am so happy to hear the good news about Peyton’s heart test results! She is such a blessing!! Merry Christmas to all if your family

  15. Phyllis Jewitt says

    Hi my presious little angel ,I am so happy that you got some great news. Been praying for you and your wonderful family. Merry Christmas and happy new year . Your friend,Phyllis Jewitt.

  16. Louise says

    YEAH – - way to go Princess Peyton!! Good health report – - keep’em coming!! Now enjoy the holidays and here’s wishing you and your special parents a very Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!!

  17. Sharon Taylor says

    Your early “Christmas Present” brought tears to my eyes!!! I also loved the 3 pairs of booties on the tree….that was so heart-warming. Many blessings sent your way during this special month…..God is with your family…..your family is such an inspiration. Hope you will consider a book one day….it would be so good for family’s that have to go through trials as your family. MERRY CHRISTMAS RYAN, STACY, PEYTON!!!! Thinking of the little ones in heaven with mine.

  18. Barb, Taylorville says

    Thanks for the good news on Peyton. She is such a precious little girl and those angels upstairs are helping her heal….I love the booties and that means so much to you, Ryan and Peyton, she will always have them to remember her brother and sister. Glad to see that your, sister Dawn, got to come over and visit and hold little Peyton. She has all the bragging rights at WAND…..Sorry guys, she wins….Love to all and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS….Hugs

  19. Judy Gehrken says

    So happy for you and Dad on Peyton yes you did get a nice CHRISTMAS GOD is good .So sit and enjoy it all so MERRY CHRSTMAS TO A BLESS AND HAPPT FAMILY LOVE YOU PAYTON

  20. says

    So very happy to hear the good news. Praying for continued health and blessings throughout the new year. May you have a wonderful Christmas with time for peace and reflection .praying for Peyton and your very special angels, Parker and Abby.

  21. Paula says

    Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years. Blesses to Peyton as she does so well. God is watching over you guys with her brother n sister on each knee!!

  22. Pat says

    God is good and every time I see a new picture of Peyton and here the progress she is making Iam remind of how lucky we are to have such an awesome Lord. Hugs to all for the holidays and look forward to new post .

  23. Judy Stout says

    I am so glad that you received such good news about Peyton. She is so sweet. Since she wears hats so well, I think maybe she needs a Santa hat. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

  24. Jane Eckles says

    I love reading your updates on your beautiful baby, Peyton. I sit reading your blog with tears in my eyes. They are tears of happiness. Many years ago there was a movie and there was a line in it that said, ” I cry for happy” so they are tears of happiness not sadness. May the Lord watch over you & your family and continue bringing happiness and prosperity. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

  25. Krystal says

    I look forward to ur updates. Peyton is growing up. I have two teenagers and u still inspire me to be a stronger mom. U and ur family have a wonderful Christmas. Your angels will be watching from up above.

  26. Jen Landgraf says

    WAHOOOOOOO!!! SO SO SO thrilled on her echocardiogram results!!! What phenominal news for a phenominal kid/family! LOVE all the pics and LOVE your oregon football ornament!

  27. Sally Kelly says

    So, so happy for all of you and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing your family with us and may God continue to bless all of you.

  28. lori bailey says

    fresh trees are wonderful, I have asthma and am on oxygen to, I can not have them because the smell is to strong, I didn’t know if you were advised about things like that with her little lungs……might be a question to ask. wishing your family a very merry Christmas and a great Happy New Year

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