We Have An 8 Pounder!

Peyton trying on new clothesAs I wrote the title of this post, I had to chuckle. It sounds like I’m talking about our Thanksgiving turkey. But no, this is my daughter we’re chatting about. Our princess is now in the 8 lb club! A lot of people have commented about how much she is filling out. We still have to add calories to her milk to try and bulk her up. It’s a lot of work for this little girl, but it’s paying off! I just love seeing that preemie face get chunkier and those thighs gain some rolls.

We’ve been home for 7 weeks now and I have to admit that I’m going a bit crazy! As I’ve mentioned before, we are sort of quarantined in our house. We came home from the hospital at the worst time–the start of cold and flu season. It’s a scary thought for any newborn, but it’s amplified for a preemie like Peyton. She was so premature that she is at a much higher risk for any and every illness. Her immune system is still developing, so the common cold for you or I could land her back in the hospital. And as much as I’d like to whisk her away to run errands or go out to dinner, I have to remind myself that being home is our best option. We’ve spent much of this year on floors 3 and 4 of the Children’s Hospital, we don’t need to make it a trifecta and land on the Pediatric 5th floor. But there is one bonus to not leaving the house–I’m saving money. I barely ever have to fill up my car and I’m not out shopping as much. Though, I don’t think my husband enjoys the amount of boxes arriving at our door from internet shopping!

Our only time out of the house is for appointments and that’s my chance to dress the princess up. She usually sports little sleepers at home, but as you all know, she has more clothes and headbands than most adults! I have barely bought her any clothes because so many friends and strangers have sent her adorable outfits. She is now comfortably sporting newborn attire. The preemie clothes are all packed away in a box. I plan to save a few of our favorite outfits, but donate the others back to the Nicu. It meant so much to us when Peyton could finally wear clothes in the Nicu. It felt like she was a typical baby. So, we’d like to give back and help other parents feel the joy we did during a stressful period.

Now onto Peyton’s health. She’s 5 1/2 months old, but only 7 weeks adjusted (That means she is 7 weeks old according to my due date, when she should have been born). According to the adjusted age, she is still a petite little girl. She’s an 8 pounder, but in the 10th percentile for weight and only 2 percentile for height. Guess that means she did get something from me! Poor thing–let us hope that she will eventually get Ryan’s height. A lot of people have been wondering about her oxygen. We are slowly trying to wean her down, but it is something that can’t be done overnight. That’s why we go back to the Nicu clinic monthly to check in. It is still a burden lugging a massive tank around the house, but we have gotten used to it. All in all, Peyton is doing great! She got a glowing report from doctors and we are thrilled with her progress. Next week we go to her cardiologist to check on her heart. For months, doctors thought that Peyton might need heart surgery at some point down the road. But, her body seems to be correcting itself. So cross your fingers for more good news!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We don’t have family nearby, so it was a quiet feast at our house. We had one of our maternity nurses over with her husband (dear friends of ours) and made way too much food. Who buys an 18lb turkey for four people?!? I’m a sucker for getting the best deal at the grocery store. Needless to say, we had leftovers for days! And a little side note on Peyton’s outfit. That lasted only a few minutes. After taking the standard “First Holiday” picture, we put her in her swing so we could eat. Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a massive blowout!!! Oh the joys of parenting….

Ryan and his childhood friend

Dads and Daughters

And one other fun tidbit to share with you all. One of Ryan’s closest childhood friends stopped by for a quick visit. How cute are they?!? There is something about a man and his daughter that just melts the heart. Brian and his wife Tonya came up for the day with their 2 month old daughter. Peyton is about 3 months older, yet half of her friend’s size! It is so thoughtful to see how many of our close friends keep an eye on us. With most living far away, we get a lot of phone calls and texts checking in on our family. We are so lucky to have such dear friends. I know that this next year will be filled with a lot of visitors coming to finally meet our miracle child. Since Peyton was dressed up to the nines, we thought we would try for the token sitting pose. She wasn’t to keen on that one, as you can see by the pictures below. I can’t get enough of the hilarious expressions she makes! She doesn’t smile on cue yet, but she sure is full of personality. And boy, has she mastered the pouting lip!!!

This weekend will be a busy one in the Skrysak household. I’m sending Ryan to pick up our Christmas tree and we’ll be decking the halls of our house. We opt for the fresh tree…I just love the smell! I’m sure I’ll capture plenty of pictures to share with you next week.



  1. Sandy Pettyjohn says

    Thank you Stacey for the updates, love to see them. It does sure sound like she is doing oh so good, that is amazing considering the very rough start she had. Yes all of you will have an amazing Christmas this year, but just think about next year “oh boy” that will be a fantastic one. Another year and oh my goodness she will be totally in charge and getting into things. So glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving even though you are far away from family, things always works out with all the faith you have. Keep up the good growing spurt Peyton keep mom and dad on their toes. Have a great week-end.

  2. Michelle conlee says

    My Payton was also born early she weighed 3lbs 12oz and 16 and 3/4 inches long. 17 yrs later she is 4’11″ and 110lbs and that is as big as she will get.. So Miss Peyton may just be a cute shorty. She is beautiful!!

  3. Kandi says

    She is growing with each new picture….she is so pretty…so glad you are all doing so well….thanks again for sharing her with all of us. …hugs :)

  4. gemma gaudette says

    Thanks so much for sharing, she really is a miracle baby. I know it’s got to be tough to be at the house all the time, and I don’t want to give advice, but in those moments that you’re going stir crazy, try to remember that you will blink and she will be heading off to kindergarten and you will look back and cherish this time with her. Hope all is well and may you have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. Barb Duncan says

    Thanks for the updates, she is really filling out and looks great next to her “friend”…..All babies grow different wit the size of their friends….She is getting there but is close to her weight for her “real” age…..hugs to you all

  6. Alyssa Stone says

    She has THE cutest expressions Stacey. Keep the updates coming it’s so awesome to see her growing up to be such a strong little girl! It’s great to see you and Ryan smiling and having so much fun with her

  7. Pamela Allen says

    Happy holidays Peyton! I look forward to reading about you and your family. Keep on growing! You are a Christmas angel

  8. Jo Ann Plopper says

    you know Stacey, Peyton’s filling out says a lot that you are a great Mom, it says you are doing your part well…She is getting more precious by the day…you and Ryan have a beautiful little girl…she’s so awesome……

  9. Louise says

    Peyton you are such a precious angel and I’m so glad to hear that you are keeping mom & dad on their toes. I just love, love, love the pouting looks in your pictures. Just know that you are so special to a lot of us and we adore seeing your smiling face and wonderful updates!! Keep up the good work and have a very Merry, Merry Christmas with your mom & dad!! Hugs & Kisses kiddo – - keep growing!!

  10. says

    You’re right .. she’s got the pouty lip down to perfection! It’s good to hear that she is continuing her daily improvements. And, before you know it, she’ll be wanting to try out her hands and knees and be zooming all over the place! Peyton is precious, pretty and very much loved and adored!

    Love from Las Vegas! <3 <3 <3 … Always.

  11. Linda Carner says

    What a cutie! Just look how quickly the holidays arrived. Thinking back to last July, December seemed so long away and now here you all are, with a perfect miracle! So very happy for you. Enjoy Advent and a wonderful 1st Christmas together. Imagine how different next Christmas will be. :) Blessings.

  12. Paula Steele says

    just love seeing all the pics of her she is growing up fast she is sure the best gift many more happy tears and years you have ahead of you and you and dad are looking great too hugs to you all and Merry Christmas early!!

  13. says

    Love the updates on Peyton. So glad to hear she made the 8 lb club, you can see by the pictures she is filling out so much more each time we see her. Happy Holidays to you, Ryan and Sweet Peyton. God Bless you all!!

  14. Pat Howard says

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the up date she is growning and love seeing how things have changed in your life. Thanks again for keeping all of us up to date and sharing Gos in certainly in your life

  15. Robin Williams says

    I so look forward to your updates. It is such a joy to watch her grow! Thank you for sharing Stacey. Love her sad faces. She sure is learning how to milk it….lol Keep it up Peyton.

  16. Heather says

    She is soooo precious! These pics take me right back to when my own little Peyton (who is 8 now) came home from the NICU. Right down to the hilarious facial expressions! I had to comment on the trash reality tv thing with a bit of advice: ENJOY being able to watch it while cuddling little P right now. Before you know it you’ll have to wait until after she’s in bed to check any of it out b/c it’s not anything you’ll want her to see! ;o) (Which is of course why it’s so addicting!)

    • StaceySkry says

      SO true Heather!! Ryan gives me a hard time about my addiction to reality TV. I keep the dvr full in our bedroom so he doesn’t have to sit through it in the living room!

  17. says

    Love that pout Peyton!! May it help you in the future. LOL Tell Mommy that I sure do appreciate the updates on you, look forward to them each week. Also, tell her that I am very happy that she is sharing you with all of us. Tell Daddy hi too. You are such a precious gift and I wish you all the best.

    P.S. The Carol from Vegas is a cousin-in-law. Glad she’s getting to follow along too

  18. Deb ismari says

    Hi Peyton, your a cutie. keep gaining that weight. tell Mom and Dad to keep us updated on face book . Do you have a page so we can join?
    God bless you all.

  19. brenda brown says

    she is so cute and adorable and growing so fast I love your blog and the pictures are great please keep up the updates love it

  20. Karen says

    So glad to hear she is doing so well. She is just precious! she has the cutest expresions. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone. I look forward to hearing and seeing how she has grown and improved. Amazing how she has changed since first pictures. Merry Christmas and Happiest of all New years to the whole family of Miss Peyton and a very blessed one to her!

  21. says

    Stacey I want to thank you for all the sharing you do with Peyton. i’m not a new mom – well, I was a new mom in 1969 (LOL) and my grandsons are 20 and 14 (yuk) so I’m loving following Peyton and loving following you. I’ve been thrilled at the support you get, not only from Ryan, your family, and close friends, but the people online. We really DO care about you – you are actually the reason I started watching WAND; not because I didn’t like the station but because it’s so far away fom me and not much on the news in Decatur applies to me. But you are such a charming and perky person. Then I learned how great everybody else on the news team is and I just gravitate to WAND because I love the family atmosphere. I loved when everybody was pregnant at the same time!

    Anyway, I’m thrilled with the new pix and sorry for your stir-craziness. I suggest watching HGTV and not so many reality shows – they’ll melt your BRAIN! xoxo Jan

    PS your husband has ENORMOUS arms – they’re bigger than the baby!! :)

  22. Erin Charlton says

    I just found your blog thanks to Martha Sugalski; she tweeted her picture of Peyton’s birth announcement. I’ve cried happy and sad tears while I’ve read your story and your loving descriptions of your angels- all 3 of them. Peyton truly is an angel herself. As a mom, my heart breaks for you, and shares in your joy- even as I realize I have no way of comprehending your experiences. You, Ryan and Peyton have even more prayers coming your way, & I look forward to living vicariously through your diva as my not-so-little dirty prince keeps me on my toes! Xoxo

    • StaceySkry says

      Thanks Erin! We are so blessed to have our little miracle. While we’ve faced tragedy, as well as joy, having so many supporters has helped us through it all. We love our “extended family”!

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