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Who said parenting was easy? Ok, I don’t know many people who would say that…and I’m really questioning those who say their child is a piece of cake!

A Special Outfit For Those Crabby Days

Crabby Clothes

Well before nurses gave Peyton the nickname of “Princess”, she was called “diva”. This dates back to June, when she was just a few days old. Parker was always the laid back boy; Peyton the feisty one. She would lay in her isolette, barely a pound, acting up so that the nurses would come check on her. The second they showed up at her bedside, she would calm down. Peyton didn’t do this once or twice…this was her routine for nurses all day long. A nurse even gave her this crab onesie for her “Crabby Days” (we loved it!!). She sure kept the Nicu staff on their toes. Fast forward nearly 5 months and she is holding onto that original diva nickname.


Peyton looks like an angel…I can stare at her for hours. But, looks can be deceiving! Peyton is getting quite the voice. It’s much more than the squeal she had when we brought her home last month. If her pacifier falls out of her mouth, she cries. Wet diaper? That definitely deserves a cry. Dad puts her down? Ehh, maybe she feels like crying. Being a parent is tough!!! Ryan and I had a nice crash course in parenting for four months. But here’s the key–we only saw Peyton for a few hours a day. We changed diapers and held her. We saw Peyton get fussy and learned what helps her calm down. But imagine our surprise when we started dealing with it 24 hours a day. I knew it would be a challenge. Peyton is on oxygen and we have a few more concerns to keep an eye on than a healthy newborn baby. But, boy was I in for a shock! I have a new appreciation for all parents, especially my own. My family came to visit this past week and it’s wonderful to see my mom care for her granddaughter. I watch her at ease with Peyton, soothing her cries and doting on her like any grandparent would do. My mom has always been an inspiration to me and is even more so now. I think I can learn a few things from her!

Learning the ropes of parenting is a process and it’s something that we will get better at every day. I often look at Peyton and wonder what it would be like to have three children at home. I know we were up for the challenge, but God had other plans. In the meantime, Peyton decided that she will make up for her brother and sister, keeping us on our toes at all times. As I have said before–I was born to be a mother. I just had no idea how difficult it would be! But, the sleepless nights are worth it when I can just sit and stare at her beautiful face. A lot of people have mentioned how well she is filling out. As my mom says–she doesn’t look like a preemie anymore. She is going to be a petite thing for a long time, but every time I look at her I am reminded of how far she has come.

Now onto Peyton’s crazy faces! It is hilarious to see her figure out things. She has discovered her tongue and routinely sticks it out. And of course those eyes…she is wide eyed most days, checking out her surroundings.

We still have quite a few outings for therapy and doctor appointments, so that is the only time I really leave the house. To keep up with her stylish ways, Grandma Skrysak got her a North Face fleece to stay warm (thanks mom!)…who knew The North Face made clothes for newborns?!? We put it with her first pair of jeggings/jeans. Newborn clothes are still a little big on her, but we just roll over the waist. SO CUTE!!

And one last note. Ryan and I will be live on WDBR, 103.7 FM on Thursday as part of the “Cares For Kids Radiothon”. It benefits the Children’s Miracle Network. The great part–the money raised, stays in the community. It is tough to share our story since it’s a bittersweet one (with one perfect little miracle!), but we are so honored that CMN asked us to do so. The staff at St. John’s Children’s Hospital is amazing and I know that my babies would not have been given a chance if they were not brought into that Nicu. Things like chairs for Kangaroo Care (Skin to Skin holding time with our babies) costs a fortune. The money raised goes to so many wonderful things, helping the patients and their families have a more comfortable stay. Mr. Skry and I will be on live around 5:30pm (Central time) on 103.7. And for those of you wanting to donate, you can call in or go to the Children’s Miracle Network website at: We are just one of many miracle stories that took place at St. John’s. Grab a tissue, it’s an emotional journey!

**Children’s Miracle Network put together a video of our story with pictures. You can watch it by clicking this link: Skrysak’s Story



  1. says

    Hi Peyton! So glad to see that you are doing well. Make sure you keep Mom and Dad on their toes :):)
    Stacey: It is very heartwarming to read your story and updates every week. I get excited when I see there is an update! My friend was also pregnant with triplets and lost one. I can only imagine who you feel, but Peyton is the sunshine is your life and will take you through anything.

  2. Melisa says

    I love Peyton’s little North Face jacket! She is such a stylish little diva! I love seeing the updates from her blog on my facebook feed! : )

  3. Amber H. says

    Little Peyton looks healthier every single week. Love the updates. She is ADORABLE in that little North Face! Ready for her first trip to Chicago. :)

  4. Amber Buoy says

    hey stacy i know what it is like to be in the nicu my youngest was born at 29 and half weeks i just prayed that my grandma janet was watching over her and she finally came home at 4 months too and she was such a little stinker she still loves being near me its like i cant wait for her bday next monday the 25th she will be 6 years old and i cant believe it and she has a 9 year old sister too

  5. Louise says

    Peyton – - you are looking very stylish there little Princess!! And it sounds like you are keeping mom and dad on their toes – - way to go!!
    Mom and Dad – - looks like you two are doing a superb job!! Know it is hard work with a preemie who still has a few health problems, but sure seems like you are handling it well. Keep up the good work – love the updates and the pictures.
    Hugs & Kisses to you all -

  6. Barb says

    She just keeps growing and filling out and now looks like a newborn. I love the North. Face jacket, she looks so cute in it. Just keeping loving her they way you are. How funny it is when you become a parent you realize what YOUR parents went thru. You learn by experience and you will be great parents cause you have good teachers. The faces are the best part and you DO learn what they need to calm them down… Thanks for sharing I so enjoy the updates.

  7. Ashleigh Farleigh says

    Beautiful video! Beautiful children! I’m so glad Peyton is doing so well. I pray for you all daily. Thank you again for sharing your story

  8. Maggie Ornberg says

    Hi Peyton!! Love seeing your pictures and hearing about how much you are growing. You are a remarkable little diva. You have amazing parents.

  9. Kelly Goodman says

    Hey, Peyton! You are one stylish little Diva! Love the North Face jacket. You definitely are changing right before my eyes! Oh what I would give to be able to love on you as a “Nana”! :) You keep up the good work!
    Mom & Dad …. trust me, you’ll never stop learning something new each day. That’s the joy of parenthood. You are amazing parents and such a blessing to all of us by sharing your journey. Love & prayers being sent your way!

  10. Ali Sizemore says

    Hi Peyton, you are such a beautiful baby girl. Sleepless nights get addicting. I have heard from more than one parent of preemies that they never really slept well again. I have always been a night owl but even more so and I really don’t think I will have problems sleeping when that day comes when my kids sleep in. Looking forward to it as I am sure your mommy is too when that day comes.

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