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A Miracle Weekend


There is something magical about seeing your child in pure bliss. That was the case with Miss P last weekend, as we took part in a miracle weekend at the University of Illinoi’s “Illinithon”. Colleges across the country hold these dance-a-thon’s to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. I’m so proud of the 400 students […]

One Regret


I am at the age where most of my friends are having children, many on their second or third baby. So, it’s no surprise that my Facebook feed is filled with beautiful pictures of their little bundles of joy. And while I am genuinely happy as I spot their pictures, I have to be honest, a […]

Out Of State Adventure

Peyton's favorite activity

It’s no secret that’s Peyton isn’t well traveled. Being a micro-preemie, she has spent much of her nearly 2 years inside of a hospital or inside our home, avoiding germs. But, with the warmer spring weather, we’ve been taking P out more. And the holiday weekend prompted us to take Miss P on an out […]

Breaking Free

Enjoying Breakfast In Springfield

After several months of being secluded, Miss P is finally breaking free! This was our second winter keeping Peyton in hibernation, away from most people and germs. She’s getting stronger and her health is much better this year, but being a micro-preemie means that she’s more susceptible to illnesses like the flu and RSV. And as […]