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Once a Triplet, Always a Triplet

Annual trip

People often remind me, “Once a triplet, always a triplet.” It’s definitely true: Peyton will always be a triplet. And I really do believe that she knows she’s a triplet. She’s drawn to pictures of Parker and Abby and is obsessed with her two P & A teddy bears. She even recognizes their names when […]

Exciting Changes!

Spring 2015

I’ve been blogging about my triplets since 2013, sharing everything from my journey of infertility, to infant loss and grief, to life with a wild toddler. And I’m blown away by the support and followers who are still interested our lives. When I created “Perfectly Peyton” nearly two years ago, I would have laughed if […]

Another Doctor To Cross Off The List

July 15, 2015

Life is good…no, it’s great!!! Emotions took over me as we received news this week that Peyton graduated from her cardiologist. This was the last of the big doctors who had been keeping an eye on P’s health since her Nicu days. Because Peyton was extremely premature, she had two holes in her heart. For […]

A Memorable Birthday!

Opening gifts

Peyton’s 2nd Birthday will be a memorable one! The week of festivities was filled with celebration, tears of sadness, family, friends and a massive gust of wind & rain that abruptly ended Peyton’s birthday party. Imagine 50 people trying to corral their kids and pack up the party as mother nature began to turn the […]