Meet Peyton & Read Peyton’s Journal

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Breaking Free

Enjoying Breakfast In Springfield

After several months of being secluded, Miss P is finally breaking free! This was our second winter keeping Peyton in hibernation, away from most people and germs. She’s getting stronger and her health is much better this year, but being a micro-preemie means that she’s more susceptible to illnesses like the flu and RSV. And as […]

Goodbye Nicu!

Peyton in her ball pit

Wow! Less than a month after Peyton reached the huge milestone of walking, our little miracle child continues to prove just how amazing she is. At 20 months old, Peyton is saying goodbye Nicu! Ok, you’re probably confused as you read this. No, Peyton has not been in the Nicu. She graduated from her residence back […]

Letting Go

Parker in July 2013

Exactly two years ago, Mr. Skry and I walked into the fertility center for our 6 week ultrasound. We knew the blood work was leaning towards twins at 4 weeks, which we thought was perfect! We spent years dealing with infertility and having twins would make our family complete. Little did we know that we’d be […]

We Have A Walker

Daily Picture!

It’s four little words that I’ve been waiting for months to type–we have a walker! Ok, maybe not quite a full-fledged walker, but Peyton is gaining more and more confidence as she stands on her own two feet. She still prefers crawling (at warp speed), but I’ve noticed her taking more steps each day. We […]