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Letting Go

Parker in July 2013

Exactly two years ago, Mr. Skry and I walked into the fertility center for our 6 week ultrasound. We knew the blood work was leaning towards twins at 4 weeks, which we thought was perfect! We spent years dealing with infertility and having twins would make our family complete. Little did we know that we’d be […]

We Have A Walker

Daily Picture!

It’s four little words that I’ve been waiting for months to type–we have a walker! Ok, maybe not quite a full-fledged walker, but Peyton is gaining more and more confidence as she stands on her own two feet. She still prefers crawling (at warp speed), but I’ve noticed her taking more steps each day. We […]

First Snow!

Peyton's first snow day

Peyton is 19 months old, yet her developmental delays allow us to experience those coveted “firsts” for a long period of time. While we only got a couple of inches in our town, Peyton finally got to experience snow falling from the sky. We don’t get a ton of snow in Illinois, but usually enough each year […]

Giggles and Growth

Peyton's new ride

A fun blog post to write this week, full of giggles and growth for Miss P! Peyton is 19 months old (today!) and sure looks like a little toddler (with a ton hair!). She has matured so much over the past few months, I often just stare at her in awe when I think about how […]