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Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Easy Dessert

I love to bake! And at least once a month, I like to spread the wealth by bringing in my tasty treats to my coworkers. And as Peyton gets older, she’s starting to get involved in the kitchen activities (which is precious!). So, this week, I want to share my “no-fail”, “go-to” recipe for Banana Chocolate […]

A Note Of Gratitude

Peyton at 2 years old

The past few weeks have been a blur. If you saw me on television, I did my best to be engaged and happy. But truth be told, I was going through the motions, just trying to make it through each day. The anniversaries of Parker and Abby’s deaths are difficult, still fresh in my mind two years […]

I Choose To Celebrate Life

His final days

Two years ago, on August 16th, my son Parker took his last breath. My husband and I held him as he joined his triplet sister, Abigail, in Heaven. My beautiful boy lived for 55 days, nearly two months. As I relive the days leading up to his death, I can’t help but cry. My heart […]

Doing The Best We Can

Raising a child with disability

A Guest Post by: Gina Mueller I sat down to write this blog entry several times and got no further than a blinking cursor. I was stuck; how could one possibly describe in written words the life of parents with a severely disabled child?   It would be impossible to succinctly capture the many and varied […]