Meet Peyton & Read Peyton’s Journal

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Parker’s Story

Nicu Photo Shoot

One year ago today, we received devastating news about our son Parker. It was a day that changed our lives forever. I’ve talked about it with close friends and family, but I have never shared what it was like being told your child is gravely ill. There is a lesson to be learned from Parker’s […]

Triple The Fun!

Chicago Trip

25 women, all triplet moms, together for the first time. It’s bound to be triple the fun, right?!? I spent last weekend with these amazing ladies, finally meeting in person in Chicago. Before I get to our crazy weekend, I should fill you in on how I met so many triplet moms. I was introduced […]

Then…And Now

Peyton at 12 months old

We all know how far Peyton has come. From barely a pound at birth, now tipping the scales somewhere in the 15lb range. But for a lot of people, it’s hard to imagine her actual size. Parker dipped down to 14 oz at his smallest, just 2 oz bigger than a can of soda. Peyton […]

12 Months and Counting

Peyton's first birthday

Happy Birthday Miss P!!!!! It’s hard to believe that Peyton, Parker and Abby were born one year ago on June 23rd, 2013. Life has gone by so slow, even a standstill at times, yet here we are wondering how the past 12 months zipped by us. I look at Peyton and words can’t describe how […]