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Happy Adjusted Birthday!

Celebrating Peyton!

Every child deserves a birthday celebration. And in Peyton’s case, she gets two this year! This week, Miss P reached her “adjusted” first birthday. The triplets weren’t due until October, yet came more than four months premature. So, doctors go by her “adjusted age”, until she catches up developmentally with other kids her actual age. Yep, […]

A Walk To Remember

Garden of Dreams

It’s hard not to get emotional as I compare my life from a year ago. Last October, Peyton was close to 4 months old, learning how to eat in the Nicu. Little did we know, we were only a week away from bringing our surviving triplet home. I’ve been quite emotional lately. I think the memories from […]

Catching Up

P loves to pull up on things

It has taken 15 months, but Peyton seems to be slowly catching up! We knew it would be a long process, especially for a baby born more than 17 weeks premature. Since day one, doctors have said that it could take 2 years or beyond for Peyton to catch up to other children her age. […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

SO Happy!

We knew it was only a matter of time–Peyton would one day get sick and land in the hospital. Ryan and I are very realistic people, especially after the experience we’ve gone through. That’s what death does to you. So, while a hospital stay can be very traumatic for many people, it was the opposite […]