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Remembering Our Angels

Kangaroo care

As we approach Parker’s Angelversary, I have one hope and dream…and I want all of you in on the celebration! It’s really simple and doesn’t have to cost you a penny. I’m asking each of you to do one random act of kindness this weekend, in honor of Parker and Abby. Our family has tens […]

The Butterfly Is Back

Peyton at 13 months

I have a fun story to share with you all! Remember that sign from above? In June, a butterfly greeted me at my door and wouldn’t leave. I had heard that butterflies can be signs of loved ones in heaven. Well sure enough, I had the sweetest encounter with another butterfly! I was enjoying lunch outside at my TV […]

Parker’s Story

Nicu Photo Shoot

One year ago today, we received devastating news about our son Parker. It was a day that changed our lives forever. I’ve talked about it with close friends and family, but I have never shared what it was like being told your child is gravely ill. There is a lesson to be learned from Parker’s […]

Triple The Fun!

Chicago Trip

25 women, all triplet moms, together for the first time. It’s bound to be triple the fun, right?!? I spent last weekend with these amazing ladies, finally meeting in person in Chicago. Before I get to our crazy weekend, I should fill you in on how I met so many triplet moms. I was introduced […]